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How to Get Guardianship of a Parent - Online Course

Learn the steps to get guardianship of a parent without or with an attorney

Filing for guardianship of a parent without an attorney can save you thousands of dollars IF your family situation is right. For less than the cost of an hour consultation with an experienced elder law or probate attorney at $250 to $300 an hour, you will learn the inside story of what it's really like to be a court-appointed guardian.  

This online course offered by Pamela D Wilson, a caregiving expert, and certified guardian, educates family caregivers about the steps to get guardianship of a parent and the day-to-day responsibilities of being a guardian.

The program does not offer legal advice.

What you'll learn:

  • Why having guardianship versus medical durable power of attorney can be important.
  • Why legal incapacity is required for guardianship, what legal incapacity means and the steps to take to confirm a parent is incapacitated and needs a guardian.
  • How to respond if you are contacted by Adult Protective Services about self-neglect or other safety concerns about an aging parent with memory loss.
  • The difference between legal incapacity and medical incapacity. Why working with the healthcare system can be complicated when you have legal responsibility.
  • How to petition for guardianship including the forms to file, who you must inform, the information needed for the petition, where to learn about the filing requirements of your state, and the filing fees.
  • The responsibilities of a legal guardian to know if being a guardian is a responsibility you want to accept.

After completing this online course, participants will have an understanding of whether filing for guardianship without an attorney is possible based on your family situation. You will understand the steps to confirm a parent needs a guardian and learn how to submit a guardianship petition to the court. 

You'll also receive access to Pamela's online library of articles for family caregivers

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